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Tony Robbins' Morning Routine

Tony Robbins

Embark on a transformative journey with Tony Robbins and discover the secrets to a powerful morning routine. Drawing from his extensive knowledge in psychology, Robbins offers insights into the benefits of starting your day with purpose and intention.

Inspired by "The Miracle Morning", his morning routine techniques are designed to reshape lives and empower individuals on their self-improvement journey.

Make Tony's Routine yours
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Do a 3 minute meditation

Meditate for 3 minutes (or change the timer for as long as you like)

ActionText Entry🧘

Write down some things you're grateful for

Keep a gratitude journal to help yourself be mindful of the good things in your life


Do a 3 Minute Breathing Exercise

Follow an expanding & contracting guide


Take a Cold Shower!

Feel rewarded as you build a streak


Exercise for 60 Minutes

A notification will tell you when time's up


Practise Incantations

Boost your confidence and motivation by practicing incantations.


Perform Visualizations

Immerse yourself in powerful visualizations.


Do some reading for 20 minutes

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