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Put self-help into action. Never forget the most important ideas to improve your life using active recall and spaced repetition!


Why use Thought Saver

Smart Spaced Repetition Algorithm

We care how important an idea is to you, not just if you remember it or not. We optimise the cards you see based on the most important to you and how well you remembered them.

Daily Email Quizzes

Make spaced repetition a habit with our effortless daily quiz email reminders.

Effortlessly share with friends

Share cards with friends with auto syncing. Any changes you make with auto update in your friends account! No more 24 hour syncing.

Anki Import

Easily import your flashcards from Anki via txt, you can also download all your flashcards via txt too.

Learn to make the most of flashcards.

It's hard to use flashcards in the most effective way, with Thought Saver, we teach you how to make the most of spaced repetition in your life. When to use it, how to create flashcards and how to build a habit!

User Reviews.


As a person who loves to learn, Thought Saver has become an instrumental tool for my retention. I consume hours’ worth of information every day from books, blog posts and podcasts. In the past, the nuggets of knowledge I wanted to keep would end up being spread out across physical and digital notebooks, and I would hardly ever look at them again. Thought Saver has enabled me to centralize these nuggets in one place, and helped me build a daily habit that ensures my learnings stick.


Principal Software Engineer @ Emma Sleep

I’ve been using Thought Saver for just over half a year, and I find it invaluable for consolidating my reading and continuous professional development. It gives me a way to make notes, organise them and commit them to memory. I’ve recommended it to colleagues and learners.

Sean Wordingham

Online Course Maker

Thought Saver makes it very easy for me to share flashcards with others and embed them on my website! I can easily export or import from Anki too.

André Ferretti

Flashcard Creator

I love using spaced repetition for many aspects of my life, books I have read with thoughts I want to remember, feedback I've been given and I want to continue to reflect on, ideas that I want to keep top of mind!

Florence Hinder

Co-founder @ Thought Saver